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Growth Opportunities

Reach out to a new audience as well as your existing customers

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It almost goes without saying that your target audience will largely be made up of over 40’s homeowners, but one of our main aims is to ignite the passion for gardening in the younger generation – the homeowners of tomorrow.

The newer generation have grown up with a natural digital mind-set; something we have all had to catch up on! We understand the best way to communicate with them is through the ever expanding digital platforms.

Online to Store

We use online marketing to convert your online website visitors into actual customers of your garden centre

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You don't have to sell online to benefit from online marketing.

We use sophisticated marketing techniques to get potential customers onto your website and convert them to in-store clients.

We also ensure that you're staying in touch with your customers whilst they're not in-store; keeping your garden centre firmly in mind.


You’re experts in all things garden - promote your expertise

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Educate and entertain your customers with creative video blogs and engaging content.

Consumers nowadays want valuable and relevant information not just content aimed at selling. Our copywriting team will meticulously research, create and publish eloquently written content that helps your customers identify your garden centre as a hub of valuable information giving them a reason to frequently visit your website and ultimately - your centre.

Fresh, original content is arguably one of the most important factors when getting your website ranking on Google (SEO).