In-store Operations

In-store Operations

In-store Operations - The Media Lounge | Nottingham

Problem Solving

Got a problem?
Let us help you find a solution

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Sometimes, in business, small little issues crop up during the day that need tending to. This can often throw you off track for what you really should be doing.

At The Media Lounge we encourage you to tell us about these problems and we will always endeavor to find a solution for you. We want to give you more time to focus on increasing your sales.

Customer Service

The most important
part of marketing

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So the priority will be to ensure that they do not feel taken for granted, as they might have been elsewhere.

This is where customer service is your strongest marketing weapon, but needs to be fostered. We provide customer service training to your staff as part of your wider marketing strategy.

Your Team

Your existing team are the front line of your Business

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Whether out on the sales floor, manning the till or resolving customers’ queries on the phone, every one is equally important.

We can train them how to get the best from your new marketing plan:

  • Coordinate in-store promotion
  • Encourage up-selling - Customer Service