Should my SME be using social media?

The Media Lounge knows how perplexing the ever-changing digital world can be. Whether you’re a social media novice, or a digital guru, choosing which channel to use for your SME can seem daunting.

Unfortunately it’s irrelevant whether you have 2000 friends on Facebook or get 100+ likes on your personal Instagram page - using social media platforms on a business level is a whole different ball game.

We want SME’s to succeed and crack the digital world, which is why we have devised a two-part social media guide for beginners.

  • Need?

The first question that most people normally ask themselves is ‘does my business need to be on social media?’ and quite simply, the answer is yes. We live in a digital world, where both children and the older generation use social media platforms daily, so your business needs a social media presence. 

  • Why?

There are a whole host of different ways that social media will benefit your business, and new ways in which you can reach, communicate and engage with your current and potential customers: 

  1. Allows customers to directly communicate with you
  2. Allows you to quickly and personably reply to queries and engagement
  3. Enables you to rectify complaints and show gratitude for good feedback
  4. Incorporates tools that help you learn more about your customers  
  5. Helps to direct traffic back to your website and blogs
  6. Helps your brand reach new audiences and customers
  7. Enables you to relay your brand’s personality to new and potential customers
  8. Situates your business as active, current and advanced 


So yes, you need to be on social media, however this doesn’t mean you need to be running five or six different social media accounts to begin with! This is a situation where quality over quantity really is the way to go. We know your ‘to-do’ list is probably as long as your arm so give yourself the chance to really dig your nails into just one or two to begin with.


Look out for our next blog post where we will explore which platforms are best for your business!